Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Owls Set to Fly Saturday

Hi everyone! Yarn's all ready and patterns, too. Call up the postman and whoopee-doo! They'll be shipping out Saturday, so expect arrivals starting Monday. As you know, this shipment will be in the Bamboo blend. I need to order more yarn, so I'd love feedback on it. Wind it up and check it out and please take this survey. Looks like you have to click over to the blog itself to access the polls if you're like me and are married to Bloglines.

Every vote gets you an entry into a raffle for yarny goodness!! Step right up and cast your vote!! (Type your name into the "Other" section so I can count your entries up ;)

And while I'm ordering base yarn... another choice I can get and fits into the budget is a NON-SUPERWASH merino and silk blend. Pretty, glowy and soft, but not machine washable.


infinityexplorer said...

I hope my owl is fast... I can't wait!

zuzu said...

OMG --my owl arrived and my dh wants the socks! this yarn is so soft -- I can hardly wait to knit these up!

Loretta said...

Carrie the yarn is wonderful! I am on row 29 of the pattern and it is knitting up into a wonderful fabric. The pattern looks fabulous too. Great month