Monday, November 5, 2007

Heir of Slytherin

Wow, this pattern is the most complex I've knit yet!  My first magic loop too, and I really love it!  I was getting kind of nervous with all of the one-sided increases, but now that I'm to the heel it's starting to make sense.  And my stitches didn't match up with the way the markers were placed on the instep, but when I transferred them to the sole needle they seem to match up just fine, so no worries!


Dharmafey said...

Congrats on diving into a challenge. The construction is definitely one to trust.the.process. I'm glad to hear even though you had worries--it's working out as you follow along. I'll bet others are too! (I've got to photograph mine and get them up here--it's a different colorway, but I had to get them working up before I could dye the yarn!

kristo said...

I've made it to the heel section of my first sock and I'm stuck. I'm visiting my Mom this weekend and she's a knitting pro so I'm hoping she can help me out with this one!