Tuesday, November 20, 2007


... Yes my OWL CRASH LANDED! The only survivor was the pattern and the to my dismayyyy the yarn has gone missing with NO HOPES of recovery. Rescue workers have no further leads.

It seems like the flap on the envelope did not stay closed and was lifted up, so the yarn slipped out and the pattern was able to hang on. Talk about an excitement crusher!!!! I went from elated running to the mail slot to dispair when I got closer and noticed the flat envelope and then picked up (extremely light) and found the torn and mutilated flap of the envelope just listlessly dangling... a very traumatic moment to say the least...

I contacted loops suggesting that the flaps be taped down for a more security in keeping their precious cargo secured during the flight...

The pattern is very sweet! So now I have to start thinking of magical yarn that is worthy of the pattern...

I am off to sulk for a bit in the magical archives of yarn...

I'm in love

The PoA colors are AMAZING. It's the kind of colorway I wouldn't be able to leave a yarn store without buying. And the bamboo is so soft and smooth. I'm really looking forward to seeing what kind of socks it makes. Never used a bamboo blend before.

The pattern is also really neat looking. Love the little pads of the soles :)

I'm working on the leg of the last Heir of Slytherin Coriolis, so I should be able to start the Sirius Socks right after. The pattern that came with the CoS yarn was needing too much tweeking to fit my crazy rectangle feet with super high instep, so what I'm making is the spiraling coriolis from the original Cat Bhordi book...I think I messed that up too, but I like what I did. The yarn is cozy warm.


My package was waiting for me when I arrived home yesterday and all I can say is WOW!!! The colors are breathtaking, the pattern is intriguing and the yarn base is great! (yes, I want more of them) Well done, Carrie, well done :)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Heir of Slytherin Progress

Uh, not mine. But look at Cynically Pink's! And Joanne's!

(hope it's okay I'm linking--I'm so impressed)

Owls are landing

I got my owl today! It is gorgeous as usual! It is very stoft and the pattern looks great too. I am winding it into a ball right now. I just happen to have a set of #1's just waiting for a project! Thanks again Carrie!


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Owls Set to Fly Saturday

Hi everyone! Yarn's all ready and patterns, too. Call up the postman and whoopee-doo! They'll be shipping out Saturday, so expect arrivals starting Monday. As you know, this shipment will be in the Bamboo blend. I need to order more yarn, so I'd love feedback on it. Wind it up and check it out and please take this survey. Looks like you have to click over to the blog itself to access the polls if you're like me and are married to Bloglines.

Every vote gets you an entry into a raffle for yarny goodness!! Step right up and cast your vote!! (Type your name into the "Other" section so I can count your entries up ;)

And while I'm ordering base yarn... another choice I can get and fits into the budget is a NON-SUPERWASH merino and silk blend. Pretty, glowy and soft, but not machine washable.

Anyone else

anxiously waiting the next owl? I love seeing the colors Carrie does they are fabulous. I have to confess I have not cast on either of the 1st 2 yet but I love looking at them in my basket and petting them! LOL I love the pod cast too Carrie!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Heir of Slytherin

Wow, this pattern is the most complex I've knit yet!  My first magic loop too, and I really love it!  I was getting kind of nervous with all of the one-sided increases, but now that I'm to the heel it's starting to make sense.  And my stitches didn't match up with the way the markers were placed on the instep, but when I transferred them to the sole needle they seem to match up just fine, so no worries!