Thursday, October 18, 2007


Beautiful yarn again! Just the colors I was hoping for. The pattern looks really exciting, too! Gotta admit, I'm a little nervous about doing my first toe-ups, but adventure is good, right?


Dharmafey said...

I think this pattern *is* exciting :) Toe ups are just as easy once you get over the cast-on. I never found reliable success with Figure 8, but love Judy's Magic Cast On

Rowena Butterbeer said...

I'm already doing toe-ups (I loooove 'em!) but what scares me is doing my heel and gusset another way than I already do! Yikes!

But, I've also wanted to try this coreolis pattern, too. I was so excited to see that it was just *that* pattern this morning (I got my yarn last night but was too tired to open it), I decided I'd go buy the new Bohrdi book and needles just for these socks.. when my LYS couldn't deliver. T_T Wah. So, I'll have to wait for these ones, too. I think I might just knit these ones first! :3