Thursday, October 18, 2007

I got an Owl

Whooo Hoooo Carrie!! I love love love the colorway! It is exactly what I would have done if I could dye yarn! And do you make the little extra's on the tag? This one is adorable too! We are going to have one cool set of stitch markers (if that is what you do with them)

I do want to let you all know that something strange happened with this delivery! My power went out & so I look out the window and I see my mail man pulling up to my mail box. Then after he put our mail in the box and pulled away from our house our power came back on! Weird Huh!

I love the pattern too! I just got this book last week and have been working thru the practice socks so I am really excited to do this pattern!


Dharmafey said...

The mailman/owl must have had a Put-Outer, which you will remember Dumbledore used in Sorcerer's Stone when dropping off baby Harry.

Yep, I have a latent "talent" in fimo. Okay, just because my son could do as well as I do doesn't mean they're not cute!

Loretta said...

That is what I was thinking! Very strange!

I love the clay item(don't want to spoil it) My DD loves to make things with polymer clay and she was totally checking it out. I could see the wheels turning! LOL