Sunday, December 23, 2007

Different Sockitechture for POA socks?

Hello! I'm up this early 'cause I can't stop thinking about socks! XD

I'm nearly done my last pair of Christmas present socks (just gotta' BO the other side of the cuffs and sew in about.... 9 ends total on all the gifts- not bad, really) and I've been thinking for a while about how I want to work these Sirius socks.

I was very lucky to pick up Cat Bhordi's book at the end last month, and have been wanting to cast on just about anything from that book. I'm currently working on the little sky learning sock, which will be my first ever cuff-down sock.

Considering that this particular sock has a pattern down the side, I'd have to re-distribute the stitches on my circs to get the pattern just right, and yadda, yadda, yadda. That in and of itself almost seems intimidating, as I've never had to do that before.

So, the end question is this: do I modify Bartholemew's Tantalizing Socks with the Sirius pattern? Or not? (The pads at the bottom of the sock confuzzled me at first- I didn't realize they went on the bottom!) Thanks! :D


Dharmafey said...

Hey! I think you could, especially if you are an adventurous sock knitter. It'd be inserting the chart rather than, or in addition to the linen stitch. The Sky Sockitecture doesn't mess with the leg stitches, or the toe as I remember. But, if you decide to you MUST keep us posted!

Rowena Butterbeer said...

Thanks, Dharm! I am starting to become more adventurous with the socks, y'know. XD I liked the idea of it, because in the book it says that it leaves the leg free for patterns, so all I'd have to do is tweak it just a little bit on either side. (And I knew about inserting the chart, I just didn't know the correct terminology.)

I friended you yesterday on ravelry (I'm graphitequill), so I'll be sure to post progress pictures on it! I figured with the lovely colourway, the linen stitch would look glorious!

That settles it then... I'm doing it! :D