Tuesday, August 28, 2007

OOooo. Neat.

Hi hi. This is a cool idea! Having a blog to go with the sock club will give me a good chnce to see what everyone else is doing with the perfectly good sock yarn I'm bound to butcher :P This is my first time doing the sock club thing, so I'm real excited!

I also didn't know we'd be getting patterns to go with the yarn! Awesome, since I collect sock patterns like some people collect stamps. Looking forward to seeing how the yarn turns out :)


Rowena Butterbeer said...

You may not be, but I had to ask. Your username is my favourite track on the Trigun soundtrack. Are you perhaps a fan? ^_^;

Just curious!

I'm sure you won't butcher your sock yarn. Once it starts making a sock, it'll even itself out.

I'm sure Carrie will put an anti-butcher charm on yours, if you ask her to! (;

Cynical Pink said...

I went through a really bad phase of picking the absolute worst patterns for the sock yarn in from of me. Hopefully the including of patterns will cut me off before I can make the usual bad decisions :P

And, well spotted on my username :) I knew the music before I knew the show, and it's one of my favorite little instrumental pieces. Very "me".

Kismatt said...

Have you seen this site:


more sock patterns than you can shake a stick at ;-)

I can't wait for the yarn adn patterns for this series!! :)